2023 ANNUAL ENROLLMENT OCTOBER 17,2022 – NOVEMBER 11, 2022 PG 3 & 4

D Theft will not be available during Annual Enrollment, however, a separate enrollment
opportunity, for coverage effective 1/1/2023, will be available on or around December
• Participants will voluntarily elect if they want to enroll in ID Theft protection policy which
will allow for payroll deduction payments.
➢ New Wellbeing Tool: AT&T Benefits Center Wellbeing Portal
Questions may be directed to Trisha Avila at ta866p@att.com
NEW AT&T Benefits Center Wellbeing Portal
• The AT&T Benefits Center (administered by Alight) will house a wellbeing portal for
employees, beginning January 1, 2023. This replaces the Castlight app, which will no
longer be available to employees or retirees.
• Sweepstakes, which were offered to bargained employees quarterly, will no longer be
available, in 2023. However, wellbeing activities will still be offered, as well as areas to
learn about wellbeing benefits.
• All Castlight points received in 2022 must be redeemed for sweepstakes entries by
December 16th, after which points will no longer be available.
• Financial wellbeing services – for personal budgeting and saving tips and coaching –
will now be available.
NEW Tobacco Cessation Vendor
• Effective January 1, 2023, tobacco cessation will move from the 2Morrow app to
• After annual enrollment, those attesting to being a tobacco user will still be offered
cessation through 2Morrow, which will need to be completed before Dec. 31st to
remove the surcharge.
• Important: If 2Morrow cessation is not completed by Jan. 1st, the participant will incur a
surcharge and will then be required to participate in and complete the QuitGenius
cessation program to remove the surcharge prospectively.
• Additional communications on this change will be made during Annual Enrollment and
later in the year to remind participants of this change

➢ Dependent Re-verification
Questions may be directed to Trisha Avila at ta866p@att.com
• Some active employees with in-scope dependents (as defined below) will be required
to go through Dependent Reverification at the end of Annual Enrollment.
• Within 4 weeks of the end of Annual Enrollment, these employees will receive
information on how to reverify their applicable dependent(s).


• An additional feature is offered this year to give employees the opportunity to verify
spouses and partners within the enrollment tool. No additional verification is required if
the verification is done in the online enrollment process.
• If this process is not completed and their dependent’s eligibility is not reestablished
through this Dependent Reverification process, their dependent(s) will no longer be
covered by their AT&T benefits in 2023.
In-Scope Dependents:
All applicable dependents of active employees that are currently enrolled in Medical and were
not verified since 2019 or earlier and still enrolled in Medical for the 2023 plan year will need to
go through reverification.
• Included Relationship Types- Spouse, partner, Child of Legal Guardian, Stepchild,
Child of partner
• Excluded Relationship Types- Child dependents that are either biological or adopted.
Action Required:
Information only


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