2023 ANNUAL ENROLLMENT OCTOBER 17,2022 – NOVEMBER 11,2022 PG 1 & 2

The Annual Enrollment process begins on Monday, Oct. 17 and runs through Friday, Nov. 11, 2022. Make sure you look at all options and make the best decision for you and any dependents you may have. The attached notice summarizes the updates and changes taking place in 2023.

AT&T Benefits Labor Support
HR Labor Notice
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Last updated: 09/21/2022
September 21, 2022
Subject: AT&T Benefits Program Launches and New Updates for 2023
Questions may be directed to the respective Benefits project lead, identified by topic
Labor Relations: All Regions
To introduce changes in benefit programs and updates during 2023 annual enrollment,
effective January 1, 2023.
On October 6th, an HR newsletter will be sent electronically to AT&T employees to announce
2023 Annual Enrollment updates.
Annual Enrollment takes place October 17th through November 11th. Various communications
will be sent to employees, before, during and after enrollment, highlighting changes to benefits
beginning January 1, 2023. The following are some features of the benefit plans that will
➢ Expanded benefits through Your Personal Healthcare Team by Included Health
(formerly known as Grand Rounds)
Questions may be directed to Trisha Avila at ta866p@att.com
Virtual Care
• Effective January 1, 2023, Your Personal Healthcare Team by Included Health will
add virtual care services and will replace the services currently provided by
MDLIVE, if enrolled in a self-insured Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL)
managed medical program. The new Included Health virtual care services are:
o Virtual Primary Care
o Virtual Urgent Care
o Virtual Mental Care
• The new virtual primary care health services will provide easy access to physicians
who can help manage the total health of participants and offer medical support
between office visits.
• Virtual urgent care and behavioral services can be accessed any time throughout
the plan year and as often as needed, similar to previous services provided by the
current Medical Benefits Administrator, BCBSIL.
Note: Only those enrolled in a self-insured BCBSIL medical plan are eligible for the new
Included Health Virtual Care Services, which are subject to cost-sharing under the network
level of benefits. Those not enrolled in an AT&T sponsored medical plan or enrolled in a fully-
insured medical plan will not have access to Included Health Virtual Care services.

AT&T Benefits Labor Support
HR Labor Notice
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Last updated: 09/21/2022
Nurse Line Transition
• Effective January 1, 2023, nurse line services offered by BCBSIL will be turned off in
lieu of Your Personal Healthcare Team by Included Health’s Treatment Decision/Triage
• Nurse line services currently available will be available at Your Personal Healthcare
Team by Included Health beginning 1/1/2023.
LGTBQ+ Health
• Effective January 1, 2023, a new LGBTQ+ Health service will be provided, offering
additional care navigation services to educate and assist enrollees in finding in-network
LGBTQ+ affirming healthcare providers.
➢ Changes to the Voluntary Benefits Platform
Questions may be directed to Trisha Avila at ta866p@att.com
• Effective January 1, 2023, the AT&T Voluntary Benefits Program administered by
Mercer will cease to exist and will be replaced by new third-party benefit
administrators. The services (as listed below) will transition to the following locations
(see third column):
Current Voluntary
Where to find
Where to find
Auto, Home, Pet
“AT&T Personal
Insurance Perks”
“AT&T Perks” and “AT&T Alumni Perks”
ID Theft Protection –
ID Watchdog (Equifax)
NEW AT&T Benefits Center
• AT&T participants currently enrolled in the AT&T Voluntary Benefits Program, as
administered by Mercer, will receive a communication informing them of the program
sunset, new vendor administrator contact information, and payment method options.
• Should participants currently enrolled in the AT&T Voluntary Benefits program, as
administered by Mercer choose to keep their policy, employee payroll deductions will
terminate, and direct bill pay will need to be set-up between the employee and current policy provider
Note above that a new benefit will be offered in this class of benefits: Identity Theft

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